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TitleDateSize (MB)
Follow Christ - His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia13/08/201918
Supplement: PDF transcript of talk in English.13/08/20190.1
God, music and its hijack by the angel of darkness - Very Rev. Fr Themi Adamopoulo02/10/201862
A Unique Challenge of the Orthodox Christian in Today's Global Reality - Very Rev. Dr Themi Adamopoulo30/10/201751.8
The Spiritual Emptiness of Modern Man and the Hope of Orthodoxy - Very Rev. Fr Ephraim Triantaphyllopoulos (talk in English with concluding remarks in Greek by His Grace Bishop Ezekiel of Dervis and His Eminence Metropolitan Paul of Siatista)26/09/201734.9
Supplement: PDF transcript of talk in English.26/09/20170.1
War and Violence: The Politics of Theosis and the Refugee Crisis - Dr Aristotle Papanikolaou30/08/201751.9
Talk in GREEK - Abbess Theodekti11/07/201760.7
Monastic Experience and the Modern World - Abbess Theodekti10/07/201756.4
Orthodox Hymnography and the Formation of Christian Character - Rev. Dr George Parsenios22/06/201765.4
The Scandal of Poverty: the Challenge to Orthodoxy - Very Rev. Fr Themi Adamopoulo10/10/201674.5
"Dying to Live!" Becoming Human in the Early Church - Very Rev. Dr John Behr06/07/2016102.9
Wake Up to Crime Prevention and Don't Be a Victim - Leading Senior Constable Nick Parissis19/10/201536.3
Same Sex Marriage Information Session - ENGLISH05/10/201578.9
Same Sex Marriage Information Session - GREEK05/10/201533.1
Orthodoxy and Ebola Ground Zero - Very Rev. Fr Themi Adamopoulo27/08/201571.8
The Role of the Orthodox Christian in the World Today - Fr Leonithas Ioannou22/06/201562.7
St Symeon the New Theologian - The Theologian of Light: A Radical Message in Dark Times - Mr Daniel Bellis27/04/201556.1
Why Am I Hungry & What Happens to My Body When I Fast? - Dr Adamandia Kriketos30/03/201565.8
Orthodoxy in the Modern World - Fr Arsenije Jovanovic22/12/2014110.7
Discerning God's Plan for My Life - Fr Chris Dimolianis17/11/201442.5
Can I Be Saved Without Icons? - Rev. Fr Leonithas Ioannou20/10/201485.2
Taking Back Control of Your Life: Why am I often my own worst enemy? - Fr Chris Dimolianis18/08/201451.1
Drugs in Society: An Orthodox Priest's Perspective - Rev. Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis12/05/201479.1
Human Rights in Australia: Is this really who we are? - Julian Burnside AO QC31/03/201478.1
Spiritual Address - His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis18/11/201380.6
Hope After Tragedy - Mr Michael Zervos14/10/201371.4
Mental Health - The Protective Factor of Faith - Dr Kaylene Evers19/08/201357.3
St John of Damascus - His Defence of Icons and His Response to Islam - Dr Nick Trakakis17/06/2013103.5
Lenten Insights from the Desert Fathers and Mothers - Mr Mario Baghos08/04/201358.6
Introducing the Creed One Day Seminar - Making Sense of the Creed with the Church Fathers - Fr Doru Costache06/04/201339.9
Introducing the Creed One Day Seminar - Basic Teachings Found in the Creed - Their Salvific and Existential Significance - Dr Philip Kariatlis06/04/201348.1
Introducing the Creed One Day Seminar - The Historical Context of the Creed - Mr Mario Baghos06/04/201343
The Way of an Aussie Pilgrim - Rev. Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis04/03/201376.5
How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell - Rev. Fr Chris Dimolianis19/11/201285.5
The Life and Theology of St Gregory of Nyssa - Dr Nick Trakakis29/10/201297.7
Orthodox Mission in Conflict and Post-conflict Zones - The Case of Sierra Leone - Very Rev. Fr Themi Adamopoulo24/09/201270.2
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Finding the Right Spouse for Life - Rev. Fr Jean Mawal20/08/201253.4
How to Protect Your Soul While Using Modern Technology - Fr Chris Dimolianis30/07/201283.1
The Mover, the Groover and the Shaker of Our Church - Rev. Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis04/06/201256.6
Heaven and Hell According to Our Church's Teaching - Very Rev. Fr Elias Kentrotis30/04/201287.4
Our Lenten Journey - His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis19/03/201259
The Amazing Experiences and Issues Faced by a Greek Orthodox Woman Who Married a Man from Saudi Arabia - Ms Alexandra Symeonidou11/11/201174.5
Jesus, Messiah or Magician - A Study of the Miracles of Jesus - Dionysios Krinas10/10/201177.4
Orthodox Spirituality - What is it and how to live it - Peter Kyriacou05/09/201179.8
The Life and Work of St Maximus the Confessor - Dr Nick Trakakis01/08/201185.6
Supplement: (PDF Slides) The Life and Work of St Maximus the Confessor - Dr Nick Trakakis01/08/20111.2
The Day Hell Lost the Battle - Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis11/04/201181.4
Kicking Goals for the Homeless - Mr George Halkias28/03/201180.8
The Music of the Orthodox Church - An Explanation and Practical Demonstration - Mr Lambros Vlahandonis22/11/201078.4
The Orthodox Person in the Modern World (in Greek) - Very Rev. Fr Vasilios Gontikakis (Mt Athos)09/11/201057.4
The Church Fathers and the Problems of Society (in Greek) - Professor Georgios Mantzaridis21/09/201064.6
The Life and Work of St Gregory the Theologian - Dr Nick Trakakis06/09/201059.9
Standing Up for the Real Christ - Orthodoxy versus Heresy - Dr Philip Kariatlis16/08/201099.7
The Creation of the Spiritual World - Angels - Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis12/07/201034.1
Spiritual Healing - Some Thoughts on Repentance & Confession - Rev. Fr Chris Dimolianis21/06/201075.1
Challenges Facing Orthodoxy in Regional and Outback Australia - Fr Timothy Evangelinidis07/12/200970.1
Youth and Media - Constructive and Destructive Relations - Mr Vaios Anastassopoulos - 9th State Youth Conference28/09/200928
The Participation and Role of Youth in the Life of the Church Today - Dr Philip Kariatlis - 9th State Youth Conference28/09/200947.8
The Difference Between Astronomy and Astrology - Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis17/08/200968.2
A Deeper Insight into the Parables of Jesus Christ - What Was He Talking About? - Mr Dionysios Krinas20/07/200982.1
Spiritual Reflections, Thoughts and Discussion - Rev. Fr Chris Dimolianis15/06/200960.1
Short Course in Orthodox Studies - Session 3 "Are You Saved?" Part 1 - Fr Chris Dimolianis11/05/200957.6
Short Course in Orthodox Studies - Session 3 "Are You Saved?" Part 2 - Fr Chris Dimolianis11/05/200962.7
Short Course in Orthodox Studies - Session 2 "What Do You Believe?" Part 1 - Fr Chris Dimolianis04/05/200955.8
Short Course in Orthodox Studies - Session 2 "What Do You Believe?" Part 2 - Fr Chris Dimolianis04/05/200962.4
Short Course in Orthodox Studies - Session 1 "Who Do You Think You Are?" Part 1 - Fr Chris Dimolianis27/04/200958.3
Short Course in Orthodox Studies - Session 1 "Who Do You Think You Are?" Part 2 - Fr Chris Dimolianis27/04/200965.2
Our Conscience - the Voice of the Holy Spirit? - Mr Theo Theodorou16/03/200969.9
Accepting to Suffer as the Means to Salvation - Mr Theo Theodorou17/11/200872.6
Honest Questions and Answers on Living the Orthodox Faith - Fr Timothy Evangelinidis27/10/200883.2
Panagia - The Holy Theotokos - Fr Iakovos Tsigounis25/08/200890.1
The Virgin Mary's Protection of Orthodoxy - Mr Dionysios Krinas07/07/200861.3
Supplement: (PDF Slides) The Virgin Mary's Protection of Orthodoxy - Mr Dionysios Krinas07/07/20083.1
The Mystery of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ - Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis14/04/200863.4
Spiritual Food for Lent - Fr Chris Dimolianis17/03/200866.9
A glimpse of hell - Fr Timothy Evangelinidis08/10/200776.7
The Crucifixion and the Resurrection - The Dynamics for Eternal Salvation - Mr Theo Theodorou24/09/200776.3
An Orthodox Christian Approach to Addiction - Fr Chris Dimolianis04/09/2006115.4
Parish and Community Churches - What is the difference - Pros and cons analysis - Mr Theo Theodorou17/10/200567.7
St Andrew's Theological College - the future of Orthodoxy in Australia - Mr Dionysios Krinas22/08/200585.1
"Come to me, all of you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28) - Mother Kallistheni18/07/200576.8
Marriage and the Single Life, An Orthodox Perspective - Fr Emmanuel Lykopandis25/08/200339.3
Magic and the Improper Use of Icons (Intro and Conclusion in Greek by His Grace Bishop Ezekiel of Dervis) - Fr Chris Dimolianis30/07/200381.3
St Constantine the Great... A Saint? - Mr Dionysios Krinas28/05/200364.1
Orthodoxy and superstition - Fr Iakovos Tsigounis28/10/200271.8
Mourning - Fr Iakovos Tsigounis22/07/200271.4
Communion Preparation - Dr Philip Kariatlis25/05/199872.2